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Commencement 2020, Freeport

19 Jul
3:00 pm

Bahamas Institute of Business & Technology 
2020 Commencement Exercises 
Ceremony Overview 

The ceremony includes remarks from the president, a commencement speaker and the class valedictorian speaker. Following the remarks, the Academic Dean will present the candidates for awards to the president for conferral. Following the conferral each candidate and their respective degrees will be announced. Individual graduates will then ascend the stage and receive a diploma cover, have their pictures taken with the president, then leave the stage to return to their original seats. Once all students have received on-stage recognition, some individual recognition will be announced and concluding remarks will be given. The ceremony concludes with the faculty and graduates’ recession. 

Application for Graduation: To graduate and receive a diploma, all students must apply for graduation and pay the applicable graduation fee. Once your application is received, your academic record will be audited to determine eligibility to graduate. 
Graduation Fee: The graduation fee is set at $500. This fee includes application for candidacy, all processes related to graduation, an official 3 x 5 graduation photo, graduation regalia (except honors stole), the President Awards Banquet, all expenses related to the commencement ceremony and all awards and diplomas. Members of the graduating class are encouraged to raise funds to assist with funding activities not covered by the graduation fee such as donation during the baccalaureate service, contribution to the college and contribution to a charitable organization. 

Deadline to apply: 
The initial deadline to apply in time to ensure eligibility to graduate is March 15, 2020. A non-refundable fee of $50 is due on or before this time. This will be subtracted from the Graduation fees if you are approved for graduation. 


Results of degree audit: 
Following the Deans review of your academic record you will be apprised of your eligibility to graduate. The Dean will discuss any impediments to program completion and explain whether you are eligible to participate in Commencement. 
When you receive your audit results and are notified that you are eligible, contact the office to confirm your participation in Commencement.  
Please Note: If you do not contact us, we will assume that you do not plan to attend, and will not include you in future updates about the ceremony. In addition, you should note that non participation in commencement does not cancel graduation fee. All students are required to pay graduation fee regardless of their participation or nonparticipation in commencement. 

Eligible for Commencement 
You may be eligible if you are a student… 
1. Completing your degree during this current year with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher

2. Who will complete all but three courses of their degree program by March 2021.

3. Whose transcript demonstrate concurrence with the requirements of the particular degree curriculum. 

4. Who has satisfied all financial obligations with the college. 
Note: while you may apply for candidacy, the Academic Committee must review your records and confirm your eligibility. 
Not Eligible for Commencement 

1. Students completing only a certificate program, and not a degree-granting program, are not eligible to participate in Commencement.

2. Students whose un-completed credits exceed nine (9) will not be allowed to participate

3. Students whose accounts are not cleared with the Business Office

4. Students whose behavior contravenes the policies of the college and casts the college in a bad light 

A student whose application for candidacy has been denied may appeal the decision to the Academic Committee in writing detailing documented evidence as to why the decision should be reversed. The Committee may subsequently schedule a meeting to discuss the appeal if the evidence suggests areas of inconsistencies.  

Definition and Awarding of Graduation Honors 
Honors awards are given by merit and by degree level: College honors are given at the associate level, Latin honors are awarded at the bachelor’s level and merit honors are given for overall performance.  

Associate honors are awarded if the student has graduated with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.00 or higher. College honors are awarded as follows: Honors (3.0 – 3.49); Highest Honors (3.5 – 3.79); Highest Honors & Distinction (3.8 – 4.0). Honors are noted on the student’s final transcript under the degree and is noted on their diploma, with an “honors” label. 

Latin honors are awarded to students graduating with a cumulative GPA in the top of the class in their school or division at the bachelor’s level. Latin honors are designated Summa Cum Laude (with highest honor – top 3.900 or above), Magna Cum Laude (with great honor – 3.700 or above) and Cum Laude (with honor – 3.500 or above). Latin honors are noted on the student’s final transcript under the degree and on the student’s diploma with a special label showing the specific honor. 

Honors cords will be distributed to the students who have earned them during the check in at Commencement. If you are awarded either of these honors and choose to walk in BIBT’s Commencement, you may elect to wear your honor cord to the ceremony where your specific honors award will be announced alongside your degree earned. Students may also choose to wear honor stoles but these must be purchased separately prior to the commencement ceremony.  
Merit Honors: Merit honors are awarded to students for their overall performance vis-à-vis the class and for performance in each discipline: These include: Valedictorian (Highest GPA of the graduating class) Salutatorian (Second highest GPA of the graduating class) Collegiatorian (Third highest GPA of the graduating class) Highest honor is awarded to the student with the highest GPA in each major. 

Approval for Graduation 
Once approval for graduation is determined, the applicant will receive a Certificate of Approval to graduate and participate in the commencement exercises.