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BIBT - Fees and Charges

Schedule of Fees and Charges: Effective September 1, 2019
Degree and Diploma Programs
Program           Classification    Cost (per credit)
Diploma Program All Students $160.00
Advanced Certificates All Students $160.00
Transcient Students Day/Evening/Weekend


International Students Day/Evening/Weekend $250.00
Associate Degree Day/Evening/Weekend $150.00
Bachelor Degree Day/Evening/Weekend $180.00


Incidental Fees
Application Fee $50.00 Transcript Fee (Official Local) $20.00
Application/Registration (Fast Track) $50.00 Transcript Fee (unofficial) $15.00
Application Fee (International) $150.00 Transcript Fee (International) $35.00
Pre-Registration $20.00 Return Check $40.00
General Registration $50.00 Identification Fee $10.00
Special Late Registration $80.00 Transcript Evaluation Fee $200.00
Change of Grade (Each) $20.00 Challenge Exam Fee (per exam) $150.00
Graduation $450.00 Student Activity Fee $50.00
Makeup Exam (Each) $150.00 Late Payment Fee $75.00
Technology Fee (per term) $50.00 Reinstatement Fee $150.00
Add/Drop Fee (Per Course) $25.00 Diploma Replacement $150
Security Fee $200.00 Orientation Fee $75.00
Cancellation and Reinstatement
Students must remit all payments to the college by the stated deadline. Payments not received by the due date will result in registration cancellation. A student whose registration is cancelled will be required to pay a reinstatement fee of $150.00 should he or she wish to have the registration reinstated. Registration not reinstated within two weeks from the date of cancellation will be permanently discarded.
Tuition Refund Schedule
Withdrawal in Writing Trimester Session
Before the first day of classes 100% 100%
During the first week of classes 80% 75%
During the second week of classes 60% 50%
During the third week of classes 40% 25%
During the fourth week of classes 20% 0%

No refunds are awarded after the fourth week of a trimester or the third week of a session

Please note: This refund schedule applies to tuition only. All other fees are non-refundable

(All refunds are calculated on the full tuition rates and not on discounted amounts)


Visa and Mastercard Accepted


Tne college reserves the right to alter fees without notice and assumes no liability for any error or omission in this document