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Leadership Principles within the Bahamian Culture

Applying Leadership Principles within the Bahamian Culture     

This is a timely one-day seminar focusing on the application of leadership principles within the Bahamian culture. Learn form top Bahamian trainers as they guide you through the nuance of leading progressive Bahamian organizations.   

This seminar is recommended for supervisors, managers and all aspiring leaders. Participants will benefit from emerging leadership trends and practices applied to the nature and structure of Bahamian organizations. Topics covered include:

  • Understanding how personal strengths and weaknesses affect leadership;
  • Learn how to align leadership intentions with goals and mission of the organization;
  • Guidelines for delivering visionary leadership within the culture of Bahamian organizations
  • Learn how to use performance and productivity as measures of leadership effectiveness
  • Common tools of effective leaders;
  • Use a variety of influencing styles and tactics;
  • How to manage conflict and belligerent employees
  • Facilitate better conversations and become better at coaching others.
  • And much, much more

This  instructor-led course provides you with the tools you need to become a mindful, innovative leader. Register today and you'll develop a greater self-awareness, expand your emotional intelligence skills, increase your influence, positively impact your company's culture and learn how to manage with empathy for lasting change.