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Medical Administrative Assistant Certification


Medical Administrative Assistant — Certification Program



A medical administrative assistant is trained to carry out administrative duties in healthcare facilities such as hospitals, clinics, nursing homes as well as other organizations offering healthcare services. While their responsibilities are primarily administrative, administrative medical assistants may also be called upon to assist medical professionals with clinical related responsibilities such as recording vital signs, compiling patients’ medical histories and preparing patients for the physician. However, their main administrative duties centers around greeting patients, scheduling appointments, adding patient information to electronic health records systems and assisting patients in completing patient information and insurance forms. The Medical Administrative assistant will also spent time communicating with patients regarding invoices, payments and other routine matters.


Preparing for a Job as a Medical Assistant
One of the easiest and quickest way to enter the medical field is to become a medical administrative assistant. To become a medical assistant you must complete a training program, but you don't need a degree. Most medical assistants have a postsecondary education award, such as a certificate. Others have a few weeks of training leading to certification. A few learn through on-the-job training.

How to Become a Certified Medical Clinical Assistant
At the Bahamas Institute of Business & Technology, our Medical Administrative Assistant certification program is twenty-four weeks in duration. It aims to prepare students for entry-level positions in the health care industry as a Certified Medical Administrative Assistant. The program covers a wide range of duties and medical terminology while preparing students ito acquire the requisite skill set  to perform as administrative medical assistants and prepare them to pass the  medical administrative assisting certification exam through the National Healthcare Association.
Why Become Certified

Certification validates your training and says you have the skills and knowledge to preform as a medical clinical assistant. To become certified you need to sit and pass the NHA exam


Program Objectives

Upon completion of this program students will be able to

  • · Communicate professionally with patients
  • · Organize and schedule appointments
  • · Take patient vital signs and prep them for the doctor
  • · Assist providers with exams and procedures
  • · Checking patients in and out upon arrival and departure
  • · Arrange hospital admissions and laboratory services
  • · Update and maintain electronic health records (EHR)
  • · Produce and distribute correspondence memos, letters, faxes and forms
  • · Handle receivable and payable accounts and keep financial records
  • · Prepare and clean treatment rooms and medical instruments
  • · Sit and pass the NHA certification exam for medical clinical assistant


Medical Administrative Assistant Curriculum

Medical Administrative Assistant with Certification – Program Outline

Course # Course Title Session
AHS101 Introduction to Health Careers I
BIO215 Anatomy & Physiology I
MED201 Introduction to Medical Assisting I
MED220 Medical Terminology II
MED250 Medical Billing & Coding II
MED260 Medical Office Management II
MED272 Medical Law & Ethics III
MED230 Introduction of Medical Record Management III
BUS279 Quality Customer Service III


Registration and Enrollment

This course is open enrollment. You can enroll and begin in any session throughout the year.



Certification Examination

Opportunities to sit the certification exam are available year round. To register, simply complete the application form on the BIBT website and remit the appropriate fees. Please see exam fee schedule below:  


Examination Fee  Fee Total
Clinical Medical Assistant $155.00 $50.00 $205.00
Plebotomy Technician $117.00 $50.00 $167.00
EKG Technician $117.00 $50.00 $167.00
Administrative Medical Assistant $117.00 $50.00 $167.00
Billing and Coding Specialists $117.00 $50.00 $167.00
Pharmacy Technician $117.00 $50.00 $167.00
Patient Care Technician $155.00 $50.00 $205.00

Note: Individuals who study the EKG technician program at BIBT receives one free exam voucher.

Special scheduled exam: Cost of Exam + $100 local fee