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New Student Orientation Program

The orientation program at the Bahamas Institute of Business and Technology is designed to support new students as they begin their studies. This 2-Day event introduces students to BIBT and help them adjust to college life.




The orientation program aims to ensure that new students feel supported and welcome as new members of the BIBT family. During this program specific efforts will be made to:




  • Familiarize students with policies and practices at BIBT
  • Promote engagement with the values of our community
  • Allay fears associated with starting college studies
  • Establish and care for students' basic social and academic needs
  • Provide accurate and relevant information about life at BIBT
  • Give students sound recommendations regarding budgeting
  • Explore what it means to be a member of the BIBT family
  • Offer opportunities for new students to connect with each other and build friendships
  • Provide students with time to process and reflect, and to share their fears and anxieties in a supportive environment
  • Provide techniques and strategies for academic and social success
  • Lay the groundwork for continued learning, exploration, and social networking through the Student Development seminar.
  • Help students navigate the campus and locate college resources.

Freshmen Orientation: September 2019