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Patient Care Technician Certification Program


Patient Care Technician — Certification Program


Patient care technician are employed across the length and breadth of the health care field.  Generally. PCT's provide basic medical care like measuring patients’ vital signs or drawing blood for testing. They work in a variety of health care environments including hospitals, nursing homes and private clinics supporting doctors and nurses in a variety of ways including bathing patients, moving, or relocating patients as necessary for comfort or medical care, assisting patients with daily tasks like getting dressed or eating meals and carrying out many other tasks under the supervision of doctors and other senior medical professionals.
How to Become a Patient Care Technician

If you long for a fulfilling career helping others, there are few professions more fitting than becoming a patient care technician. The Bahamas Institute of Business and Technology offers expert training to persons wishing to train as patient care technicians. The program is designed to give students the necessary skills and knowledge to perform as a patient care technicians  and prepare them to become certified at the same time. 
Why Become Certified

Certification validates your training and says you have the skills and knowledge to preform as a patient care technician. To become certified you need to sit and pass the NHA exam and satisfy the practical requirements. Log on to the NHA website for details.

Program Objectives.

Upon completion of this program students will be able to

  • · Understand the role of patient care technicians in the health care
  • · Be able to perform activities of daily living (ADL) assistance
  • · Know how to measure vital signs of patients
  • · Learn how to communicate effectively with patients and their family
  • · Be able to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) when necessary
  • · Learn the basics of phlebotomy
  • · Be able to assist patient with dialysis treatment
  • · Know how to observe patients and interact appropriately on a personal level

Be prepared to sit and pass the NHA certification exam for patient care technician


Patient Care Technician Curriculum

Patient Care Technician with Certification – Program Outline


Course # Course Title Session
AHS101 Introduction to Health Careers I
BIO215 Anatomy & Physiology I
MED220 Medical Terminology I
NRS101 Introduction to Nursing II
PHM210 Pharmacology I II
MED230 Medical Records Management II
PCT216 Nursing and Home Health Assistant III

EKG Introduction

MED Medication Administration Assistant III
PCT218 Patient Care Technician in Hospital Settings IV
MED272 Medical Law and Ethics IV
MED282 Introduction to Phlebotomy IV


Registration and Enrollment

This course is open enrollment. You can enroll and begin in any session throughout the year.



Certification Examination


Opportunities to sit the certification exam are available year round. To register, simply complete the application form on the BIBT website and remit the appropriate fees. Please see exam fee schedule below:  



Examination Fee  Fee Total
Clinical Medical Assistant $155.00 $50.00 $205.00
Plebotomy Technician $117.00 $50.00 $167.00
EKG Technician $117.00 $50.00 $167.00
Administrative Medical Assistant $117.00 $50.00 $167.00
Billing and Coding Specialists $117.00 $50.00 $167.00
Pharmacy Technician $117.00 $50.00 $167.00
Patient Care Technician $155.00 $50.00 $205.00

Note: Individuals who study the EKG technician program at BIBT receives one free exam voucher.

Special scheduled exam: Cost of Exam + $100 local fee