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Recreation & Wellness

Recreation & Wellness

Recreation & Wellness

The Spirit of the Great Whites

To be a great white you must be strong and full of energy. That’s why at BIBT we believe in supporting the health and well-being of our students. We encourage every student then to take full advantage of the many opportunities we have created to promote healthy life styles. Seminars and workshops on various health related matters are scheduled regularly and sporting and other physical activities have been organized so that everyone can benefit and participate.



BIBT is committed to the total development and enrichment of its students through promoting an environment of fitness, wellness and mental and physical involvement.


BIBT’s vision for the foreseeable future is to create a culture of fitness and wellness throughout the entire BIBT community. For it is only through a state of wellness that we can truly embrace the strength and energy of the great whites.

Organizational Values

We believe in the following values

  • A healthy body engenders a healthy mind
  • A healthy mind and body support success in college
  • A successful college career is highly correlated with success in life.
  • A healthy environment elevates the human spirit.
  • We value wellness and health because they support personal and professional growth among our students and the community at large.


Sports, Fitness, Wellness and Intramurals

Program Facilities

Better Bodies Gym

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